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A-sail in the solar wind

I forget the little luxuries of returning to where my parents live. 

The… not the silence… but the feeling of isolation that slowly arises from the continual nudging of the wind against the walls as it flows over the nub of a hill that our house is perched upon. The omnipresence of the outside, even when I’m mostly not outside while living here. 

When I walk outside in the middle of the night and the sky blazes at me. The house is far enough out from the edge of wherever that the sky has transformed from a container into something like a wilderness to look out into and yet it also stares back. Looking up in that moment is when I do feel like I’m afloat on some ship a-sail in a black sea.


A horrible post

Coughing and sitting here, listing, in my head all of the things I have to do when I get up early in the morning, and overheating, freaking out a bit, but just only typing. And friends rambling in the background about movies, fighting back and forth about their taste. Sigh. Can’t even think straight. 


Saw Django for the second time tonight at least, made me wish there were more good Westerns, and that Tarantino was better than he is. Where did this crazy cough come from? For some reason, I can’t think straight, either. What a horrible blog post.