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Frozen Fog

One of the oddest fogs, almost frozen fog I’d dare say, we’ve had in Eugene in the while I’ve lived here. After class I chatted with the lady working the counter at Sy’s, she agreed just how odd it all was, and said something about how her face had caught a lining of frozen mist when she’d gone out earlier in the night. Even ended up (incidentally) discovering that she’d been at school for as long as I, after I said off-hand how it’d been several years since the last good frozen fog; upon that prompt, she mentioned how she remembered days of walking through frozen fog in below 20 degree F weather her first winter. And do I ever remember that winter, when I rode the blocks across campus to my last fall-term final in PLC 180 through frozen fog, without gloves. I can still feel the ache of the minutes of throbbing, defrosting hands I had to endure after that before I could actually take the test.

It happened to be very good pizza tonight.


As the rain returns

As the rain returns, I realize I’ve missed it through these sunny days. There’s something just-not-right about so many contiguous days of sunshine here in the valley. Rain has quickly become an old comfort in these past few years, something about the way that the clouds come and almost kiss the ultra-green grass. The lowered ceiling, the unshadowed light, subtly transform the outdoors to indoors. Sometimes I don’t want summer to come. In weird introspective moments, that is.